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 Posted: 09-13-2012 06:04 pm
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Thanks for the advice, Art. The receipts show that the timing belt was replaced about 3 years / 6000 miles ago. That's on my list... it looks ok but I'm not sure how the car was stored/used during that time.

This weekend I'll be pulling the calipers off and seeing just how stuck the left front is. At this point I'm pretty much prepared to replace the calipers, pads, and brake lines assuming that the caliper is indeed sticking. If not, maybe I can get away with just the pads and lines for now. The rotors, from what I can see looking through the wheel, don't seem to be too bad so I'm hoping that maybe I can hold off on them.

Hoping I can get the brakes resolved shortly to at least get me through a couple of months (it'll be winter here soon and she's definitely not going out in the snow, I have a Ford Excursion for that!). To give me a bit of incentive, our town has an Octoberfest downtown festival the last weekend in September (go figure) and they do an informal car show on Friday night, just everyone parking on the main drag. Every year they do a featured "theme" and of course this year, ironically, is "British Sports Cars". So of course I want to get her down there, even though she's not near show ready. We'll see if it happens.