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 Posted: 08-10-2012 10:43 pm
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I am one of the rare unlucky ones that still have to get their car to pass California's emission tests. They require a test for any car manufactured after 1975 and thus, my 1976 GT is the first year requiring a test.

The car has been in storage for the last five years as I was in the process of getting it tested five years ago when I managed to break something on the engine. Well, five years later I am back trying to get it certified.

The car has a set of Greg's re-manufactured Strombergs on it as well as the factory air pump and a catalytic converter. All is well except that I cannot lean the carbs out enough to get even close to passing. I have the nifty Stromberg jet adjusting tool as well as an old CO tester. They tell me that I need to get it down to somewhere around 2.5%, right now I am at 11%. The guy at the test station simply told me that it will never pass the test as these older cars just always run a bit rich. He suggested that I put it back into storage until next year as they may be moving the exempt years to 81 and before.

However, I really want to drive this car. One option is to take it to a garage that can tune it right. I live in Long Beach and am looking for a local mechanic. Any suggestions?