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 Posted: 08-01-2012 06:42 pm
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Thank you everyone for the advice. Since it is running close to perfectly, with only a slight hesitation now that I increased the accel. pump stroke, I have decided to drive it as is for now. With so many other high priority items to work on, this seems like an ok path.

The other exciting news is that I have actual headlights again, including hi-beam, instrument lights, side markers, etc! I did add relays and an inline fused line to make it extra spicy. No more off, dim, or flicker!

Now I just need a passenger floor pan, new front suspension bushings, tires, fix the leaky diff seal, fix the heater, and redo the interior plus a paint job, and I will have a car to drive. Ok, I can use it without the last 3 items, and probably will.