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 Posted: 07-27-2012 02:21 pm
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Thanks for the response Greg -

My carbs were purchased new in 1991 from Dave Bean as a kit with the manifold and 2 carbs. They are labeled DHLS45 on top, and appear to have 5 progression holes. I had a Lotus/J-H specialist who did my engine rebuild back then, help with the initial setup and jetting. He used settings close to the lotus spec 5:
36mm chokes
158 mains
58 idles
60 pumps
7772.8 emulsions
230 airs
7850.9 idle emulsions
This setup ran well for about 10 years when the car began running poorly, missing and I had to change careers so it was parked until my recent rejuvenation work.

I have experimented with the pump stroke which changed the hesitation, but did not eliminate it. Others have pointed to the lean idle jet holder and suggested going to a .7 to richen it up. I live at 2000' ft elevation, which richens up my mixture somewhat anyway. The hard part is that messing with jets is somewhat trial and error, and I live out in the sticks and have limited cash. Dave Bean is up the road about an hour, so I might see if they have parts.