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 Posted: 07-15-2012 07:55 pm
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Joachim -

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have noticed that once it is reved up, no problem. I know that this setup can be made to work better because it used run perfect with the same setup. This is why I believe that it is related to the work I did on the carbs rather than something I have to live with due to carb size. FYI, I have 36mm barrels with effectively a Lotus Spec9 jetting, except my pump jets are 60 which is biggish compared to what others have. Also I have flat top cosworth 10:1 forged pistons.

I understand that the stroke length determines the volume of fuel delivered and the pump jet determines the time it takes to deliver it. I really think I need to figure out if they are all working the same, and then whether I am lean or rich. I have assumed lean, but that is only a guess.

Has anyone tried to measure the output of the pumps in any way? There is a chance that I goofed something up when rebuilding these, but I want to diagnose it without tearing them both apart again. the pump stuff is not easy to access.