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 Posted: 07-15-2012 02:03 pm
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I rebuilt my Dellorto's and my engine is running nearly perfectly. It starts easily cold, and runs flawlessly in the driveway. It idles beautifully after balancing it using a Morgan Carbtune.
On the road it runs super well at low throttle, but when I start to open it up, it stumbles. After the stumble, it accelerates through the gears like mad, which was very exciting since it has been 10 years since this car has run like this!. The ignition system, timing, and fuel system are all in prime condition having just restored/replaced most of those components.

I am suspecting my accelerator pump circuits as the culprits. I am looking for a way to check the functioning, and setting of the pump levers. I can see them squirting on all 4 barrels. I have searched the internet and know there is a special device to bench test the volume. Is there a way to test them on the car to ensure they are all putting out an equal amount without the magic graduated cylinders? I also am looking for initial settings of the nuts on the pump levers. I tried adjusting, and test driving, but could not really get it going as well as it used to work. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Bob Waterman
19695 - almost driveable!