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 Posted: 03-21-2005 06:49 pm
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1) uses cheap paint that will fade by the sun in 2 years.

2) Doesn't do any bodywork at those cheap quotes.

3) Doesn't strip the car before painting it.

Items 2&3 are labor intensive and require a lot of time to do it right.  I have a vastly improved respect for a proper paint job after doing it myself.   If you want to own a restored classic car, you have to strip it and do the bodywork.  If you want to sell the car in 6 months, Maaco is the answer.

The price quoted you is highly dependent upon the amount of bodywork that needs to be done.  Take however long you think it should take to fix the dents and multiply by 10.   The paint probably costs about $500.  If you do it yourself, it'll only cost that, plus about 150 hours of your time.  You could maybe just strip it yourself (about 20 hours), which should save quite a bit of money, and isn't technically difficult to do.

The price for the complete job they're proposing doesn't seem way out of whack.  It wouldn't hurt to try another shop for a quote, but check their credentials before you leap. 

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