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 Posted: 07-26-2005 01:04 pm
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The baffles will cause problems for those with stock equipment and want to keep that mess. The stock tank had a float, which is going to foul on the baffles, and a pickup of some design that I don't know (mine was rusted off). I assume the pickup came in the side and went toward the middle of the tank at an angle.  Also, on the baffled tanks I plan to have them packed with Fuel Safe foam which is a fire safety thing - it would preculde using senders and stock pickups.

If you're simply autocrossing I'm sure the stock tank will do okay, Judson will know. If it does starve you could band aid it with a "swirl pot". Have the pump pull fuel through a small vessel thus creating a supply reservior to supply the pump at all times. I'll post a picture of this setup as I am using this as well in addition to the two pickups and baffles to make sure we don't starve in long corners.