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 Posted: 06-06-2012 05:04 am
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Update on my cars from a post from 2006. Has it really been that long?

12768 is still here.

17500 was stripped of all usable parts and the rusted out chassis was recycled.

19658 is still under going a complete restoration but at least I am now putting it back together while making some modifications and updates.

30395 - A Jensen GT, ended up being rusted too far to be worth fixing up so I removed all the usable parts and scrapped the body.

14539 was recently purchased and currently getting cleaned up and fixed.

The last owner decided he wanted to put a Ford 4 cylinder in and then lost interest. He sold the engine and trans. In order to accommodate the Ford engine he modified the front crossmember engine mounts and made a few other small modifications. Effectively making the crossmember useless for the 907 engine. Plus he took a perfect hood and cut a big hole in it, making that useless also. Otherwise the car is in good shape.

The plan is to take the engine, 5-speed trans and front suspension from 19658 and get a running car. Hopefully within a few months, since it is summer here in Arizona and the car is outside. Though it is under some shade cloth as I work on it. So it isn't too bad as long as I work in the early morning. Like before 9:00 AM.

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