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 Posted: 05-15-2012 01:22 pm
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Unfortunately I do not think you can get the volumes to make this economically feasible. I have done 3 W58 conversions, one using the Lotus Excel bell housing (from LotusBits), one using the kit from Conversion Components, and one using just the bell housing from Conversion Components. I found that the Conversion Components bell housing to be far superior to adapting the Lotus Excel bell housing. It has the castings for the manual clutch and is dimensionally correct for input shaft spacing, etc. I also found that having a 21 spline 8.5 iinch clutch plate custom made to be no more expensive (less than $100) than off the shelf clutches. For me the most difficult part was modifying the shifter extension housing to properly line up. It also appears that modifiable shifter housings and linkages are in short supply as they are in demand by many classic car owners doing conversions.