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 Posted: 05-15-2012 02:53 am
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It seems the cost of making a pattern to make castings from is too high to make this a smart thing to do for a low production 36 - 38 year old car like the Jensen-Healey. So no new bellhousing castings are going to be forthcoming. I am looking at another possibility that involves modifying the existing 4speed bellhousing.

I am still wondering if there is actually any interest in this if I were to make 6 - 10 modified bellhousings to allow bolting up a five speed transmission like the Toyota W58 or the Ford T9 to the Lotus 907 engine? I think the price on just the bellhousing would be around $550 if I did ten of them at a time. With either transmission there would some additional cost in modifying the flywheel and clutch release mechanism for the Toyota or Ford clutch. However the benefits are MUCH cheaper clutch parts in the future as well as a larger diameter clutch which would be better to support the torque of modified engines like 2.2L conversions.

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