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 Posted: 05-09-2012 01:04 am
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I visited my fabricator's shop this afternoon and he is very close to having the Toyota Supra W58 5-speed transmission and Lotus Excel bellhousing assembly ready to go. This is using the stock JH flywheel with a Toyota Celica clutch assembly and the W58 transmission out of a Toyota Supra. The fabricator was working on altering the Lotus Excel bellhousing to work with the mechanical clutch cable system from the Jensen-Healey as well as getting the smaller diameter of the input shaft of the Toyota transmission to mate up with the back end of the Lotus 907 crank shaft.

Once I confirm that all of this works I will be looking into the costs of having more of these bellhousings cast up as new replacement pieces so others can do the same conversion.

Once I get all the bits back from my fabricator, I will post some photos.
Steven DuChene

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