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 Posted: 05-07-2012 05:14 pm
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‘Sounds as though the centrifugal advance weights in the distributor are swinging out, advancing the spark, as they are supposed to.  Initial timing should be set at a very low idle speed, not something 907’s do very well.  Better to remove all spark plugs, unplug the fuel pump, connect you timing light to the number one plug, and ‘run’ the starter motor with the ignition ‘on.’  Easy to do with two people, however, if you are knowledgeable of the starter circuit, the ignition can be left on while a push-button, temporary ‘starter’ switch can be connected from plus on the battery to the solenoid.  Remember, there will be sparks from each plug wire if they are close enough to a ground, so be careful to keep the plug wires away from the carbs and any other source of fuel.  At cranking speed with the plugs out, you should be able to set timing at the crank at a speed far below the advance weights.  It should not matter whether the vacuum ‘capsule’ is connected or not, its function is to retard spark on over-run, ther very high manifold vacuum when decelerating while driving at speed, an emissions thing.  My two cents.  Others on the board may wish to comment on their favorite method of setting initial timing.