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 Posted: 04-15-2012 07:02 pm
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It's getting closer...... If you have not been to one of these you are truly missing a great time...... as much as it is about the cars it's more so about the people, every year you meet people who are "old friends" from the last event or events, (it's what class reunions should be) and new people who become instant friends.

We tell our war stories and share our "how too's" if your having car issue's there are always a dozen helpers with their box's of tool's and the willing-ness to share the spare's they brought along "just in case".

I've shared my home and others have shared theirs with me that's just how friendly and social these events are and how lasting the friendships become, never boring and always something to do if you wish.

So if your on the fence about trying it, please come and see for yourself just what a fun time you will have with people that share your interest.

Cheers.       Brett.