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 Posted: 04-14-2012 02:09 am
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As you said it, as long as you get no moisture in the system.
 We were working in STS vans transporting the elderly and the infirm and we used DOT5 but since the previous mechanics did not flush the system before, there was moisture in the brake lines, we had nothing but trouble in the more than one hundred STS vans that the Miami-Dade County had, we went back to DOT4 and all is ok til now.
 I have a Volkswagen super beetle 71' which is one of my toys and the brake system is filled with DOT5, all the fluids are synthetic and get changed every year along with the brake fluid, never had a problem, but humans, been the way we are......

BTW, make sure you clarify WHERE in the brake system is the Permatex Brake Lube is to be used, because humans, been the way we are......