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 Posted: 07-24-2005 07:40 pm
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Well, it has taken almost one year to the day for Jeff and I to get this car built, inbetween getting my race license, racing a little in Miatas and Z cars, and working on a host of other cars too. Still, a year isn't all that bad and it is "done" for lack of better word.

We loaded it into the trailer today to take it to the suspension shop for alignment and the welder for a side exit exhaust system.  We will also lower her down in the front about 1.5" or so, and drop the rear about 1", but after that I'd say she'd be ready to race barring any engine startup issues.

Here are some pictures, but they are high-res and I lost my resizer. Therefore, I've enclosed the links to the pics you can look at if you like.  Well, I'll stick one in at the end, the rest you can click on:

Side view with Sydney, my daughter:

Quarter View:

My wife driving while Jeff and I get ready to push like hell. Otherwise known as the Minster of Domestic Affairs for those who read my posts from time to time.

Jensen from the front:

And one here, a side view.  I hope to have it running on Thursday or Friday of this week and ready for a test day at VIR on August 5th!!!!!

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