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 Posted: 04-06-2012 05:36 pm
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Presssed the wrong button while on Ebay!
Seriously, I had been looking for it for a while and then someone told me it was on Ebay, this was in 2005. I had used the car at the factory when it was not out with the press, and then sold it to my uncle in 1973. He sold it on fairly quickly, claiming he was constantly being persued by the police for speeding! History shows about 12 other owners and it was in a dreadful state when I bought it. I will write the story when it is finished, which should be sometime this summer. Bodywork is practically done and is painted, just a few panels to fit at the front, engine etc in but not connected up, front and rear suspension restored with Spax and poly bushes. So not much more to do? Took me all this morning to fit one door handle! But I did take time to make a template for the gasket that fits between handle and door, making it out of pool lining material; or one who is naturally ham fisted, this has worked out quite well.
Unfortunately all the pics I have are too big to show here, that is until I can find a way.
More anon.

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