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 Posted: 04-05-2012 12:22 am
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Having a problem with significant hesitation between 2000-3000 RPM with my Dell 45's. Idling and >3000 is smooth and strong. Reading the various JHPS posts and the Des Hammill bible I would conclude I should changeout my idle jet holder from a 7850.9 to perhaps a 7850.7 and/or a richer emulsion tube, perhaps moving from 7772.8 to 7772.7. Before I start dumping money on jets, I would like to see what others might suggest.
Just completed my rebuild which included replacing the Strombergs with Dell 45's. The DHLA 45's are off a 1974 Elite and I rebuilt them prior to installation. Below is some background on the engine rebuild and my current Dell 45 specs:
Choke: 36mm
Main jet: 160
Main A/C jet: 230
Main Emulsion tube: 7772.8
Idle jet: 58
Idle jet holder: 7850.9
Pump jet: 42.38
Starter jet: 95
Starter emulsion tube: 7482.3
Butterfly: 8010.1
Progression Hole Pattern: 5-hole
Long jet idle mixture jet: 4.5T

Engine Performance mods:
Cams are the JHPS 107's with HTD Green Dot Pulleys
Cylinders bored +0.030 and Hi Compression (9.5:1) pistons
Advanced Distributors modified/tuned Distributor (Existing Electronic ignition)
JHPS Oversize Stainless Steel Valves; Intakes & exhaust
Ported and polished intake and exhaust
Ceramic Coated performance headers and exhaust
Iridium plugs