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 Posted: 03-29-2012 03:20 pm
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After checking some dates it turns out I have a year of driving on the first car I did up with the crank-fired ignition and electronic fuel injection. The whole system has been remarkably trouble free for a first generation design (i.e. the first prototype of the whole system). I am in the process of doing up a second car with the whole crank-fired ignition system and eventually the EFI as well. This will be a gen2 design with lessons learned from the first one. For instance I have relocated the EDIS controller module and coil pack from the firewall behind the motor to the fenderwell ahead of and next to the brake booster. Once I get to the gen2 install of the EFI part I think that will most likely use a submerged in the tank fuel pump which will hopefully cut down on the noise I hear now from the external fuel pump in the first car. Plus it eliminates the need for the external fuel surge tank between the gas tank and the suction side of the external fuel pump. I have also redesigned the linkage between the two throttle bodies using some bits salvaged off of the OEM ZS carb setup. I am hoping I can end up with a cleaner wiring arrangement as well.

BTW, I have 6 sets of the EFI converted intake manifolds, fuel rails and other parts ready to go.

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