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 Posted: 03-27-2012 02:23 pm
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Mitch Ware

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I'm not sure what the law is there, in NY you have the right to take your car to whatever shop you choose regardless of who the other person's insurance wants you to take it to. Here in NY they CAN ask you to take it to one of their shops for an estimate. If they demand that you take it to their shop for repairs that is called "steering" and is illegal. Be as prepared as possible before you take it to the shop for the estimate. Have a list of all of the parts and prices for those parts. Don't forget to include the shipping for the parts. They should not subtract for the difference in paint, although they might try and sneak it through as "betterment." Clean up the car before you bring it in, get the trunk floor as clean as possible. Take it to a shop that you trust to get an estimate before you go to the fleet service shop.

If the car is totaled, be prepared to prove the market value of the car. Here in NY a car is totaled by law when damage reaches 75% of the value of the car. If they want to total it and take the car, check and see if you have the right to buy it back from the insurance company for the highest salvage bid.

To me the car looks very fixable, totaling it may come down to regulations.

Mitch Ware