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 Posted: 03-27-2012 06:23 am
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Mitch Ware wrote: Looking at the pictures, I would guess $2500-$3500 for repairs.
Mitch, is that estimate including paint? The current condition of the paint is poor so they will probably subtract from the value of the car for that (if it's totaled). I can contact Delta to get the cost of the body panels.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get Hagerty’s because they require each driver to have a primary car that’s not the classic to make sure the insured car isn’t driven regularly. We only have one other car. Because I only have liability my insurance company said I need to go after the at fault's insurance co.
The trucking company’s (TXI) insurance co. referred me to “Sedgewick CMS” which is a “claims management service” for big companies. A quick google search on them indicates they are more of a “claims avoidance service”. We'll see how this goes...