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 Posted: 03-26-2012 11:39 pm
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Thanks Greg, I will post updates as I progress, although they may not be that frequent. This project is progressing alongside a bare metal respray of my Mk1, and 3 very involved motorcycle builds . . . . so a little bit at a time ! The engine itself weighs 149 Kg, with oil, alternator, P/S pump (bin !) and A/C compressor (bin as well !), but without the flywheel and clutch. Once the clutch components arrive (a hybrid concoction of Landcruiser and Skyline R32 stuff . . .) I will weigh the whole issue with gearbox attached, for comparison with the JH drivetrain. This is probably a more meaningful number, I think. The engine will sit back as close to the firewall as practical, to keep the weight distribution as even as possible. I have corner scales for my race car, but as these are only rated to 200 Kg per corner, I may have to get clever if I want to build the Healey on them . . . . Although not heavy, the 1UZ is physically quite large for a small vapacity V8, being 90 degree V, with each bank sporting 2 belt driven OHC's and 4 valves per cyl. so just squeezing the width into the little JH engine bay is a bit of a challenge. Still, wouldn't be as much fun if it was easy !

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