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 Posted: 03-26-2012 08:31 am
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Jensenman wrote: An S10 rear can be used, but when I built my rotary powered J-H from a retired SCCA IT car I found that a Mazda RX2/808/Mizer/GLC/RX3 rear axle is within 1" of the J-H axle. So I used a Mazda RX2 rear axle with a RX7 limited slip and also the RX7 rear disc brakes. You'd have to either fabricate upper brackets to use the two stock J-H arms or, as in my case, go with a 3 link setup with a Panhard rod. It's good to around 300 HP and is a good bit lighter than the S10 piece, plus it has a good aftermarket.

The 180 HP rotary has been fun, but I'm now leaning more and more toward V8 torque for hillclimbs. I keep looking hard at the Toyota 1UZFE quad overhead cam V8 from the Lexus LS400. Tough as nails (it is derived from a Toyota F1 project engine), cheap because the salvage yards despair of selling them, manual transmission conversions available, lighter than a comparable Big 3 cast iron lump (or even an LS1), much more powerful than a Rover V8.

And before anyone calls me a butcher, my other J-H is a restored JH5 with the 907 which I adore. :-) One of these days I will get a GT to restore as well.


Just found this thread, and I have to say, I'm with Jensenman 100%. . . The 1UZ-FE Lexus Quad-Cam 32 valve V8 is an awesome piece of equipment, although to fit one in a Jensen Healey, you need the rear sump engine from the SC400 Soarer, not the LS400 Celsior. How do I know ? I'm building one at the moment ! (see attached 'before' pic). Before the purist start howling about the unseemly violation of a perfectly good JH, I want to clarify, IT'S NOT ! This is a rusted out parts car, purchased to provide an ongoing supply of spares for my first love, a beautiful 907 engined Mk1 (1140-10028). Had the "Frankenhealey" plan not come up, this poor car's fate was to be raped for evey useable item removable from her dilapidated carcase, and then into the crusher, as an uneconomical repair. So, in effect, this terrible plan has really SAVED her. I have fitted an Extreme Performance moly flywheel, adapter bellhousing, and R150 5-speed manual, and am currently in the midst of fabricating stainless steel long primary headers. I will be fitting an entire rear axle from a Holden Commodore VL Turbo (disc brakes and interchangeable Borg Warner ratios, and upgrading the front rotors and calipers, probably LC, LX, or UC Torana look to be the closest options, and keep the same stud pattern as the rear. Then the fun starts, with the standard ECU (aftermarket ECU's make licensing difficult here) has 144 (count 'em !) wires into it ! Most of them are superfluous to this project, but, phew ! Anyway, I defend the decision to do this, and understand the enormity of the undertaking, so feel free to shout me down ! I hope this awful project doesn't sour you all against me, as I am amazed at the depth of knowledge on this board, and as a long term Healey owner, I don't doubt I will have occasion to beg advise for my Lotus engined car in the future.

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