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 Posted: 03-10-2012 08:26 pm
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Yes, its called a Vintage Air Generation II mini system. It works great. When my factory air was not working, I took it to the airconditioning shop and this looked like my best option.
Option 1- Replace the entire system with NOS parts from Rejen in england or Option 2 - Replace entire system with vintage air system.
Both systems cost about the same but the advantage of the Vintage air system is the air conditioning will blow ice chunks in your face with plenty of air movement and power where the original system can barely cool the car.
The system replaces EVERYTHING under the dash and in the engine compartment. It handles heat, and defrost as well
Here's the process the pros did...they have installed 100's of these systems:

1) Remove the compressor, hoses, temp switch, evaporator/drier and big black thing in the engine compartment next to the firewall.
2) remove dash and send to madera to refinish.... they will also modify the center dash to accept the new control panel and cover unused switches.
3) rip out the dash hoses and the airconditioning/heater box.
4) cut out small area of the firewall and set up new unit with the mounting bracket..... install vintage air dash hoses and new vents when the dashcomes back from madera
5)install new compressor, hoses,drier, evaporator.... seal up hole with new steel where big black thing was as it is no longer needed.
6) the pros recommended I install an electric fan in addition to the engine driven fan.
7) adjust the servos ..... they electronically move the more cables or levers.

seems to work great! I have a bunch of pictures documenting the entire process which i can send to you if are interested.