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 Posted: 02-22-2012 05:14 am
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I'll preface this by saying I'm new to auto restoration, but have always dreamed of doing one. Having admired Jensen Healeys since I was a kid, I decided to take the leap. I purchased a 1973 (VIN 12466) in Sacramento CA from the original owner a couple of weeks ago. The car has been sitting for quite awhile. The gas tank was completely rusted out.

After trying to repair a couple of used tanks, I gave up and purchased a new aluminum one from Jorge in San Diego. It showed up last weekend and I installed it along with a rebuilt sending unit from Delta.

I drained the oil by disconnecting the hose from the filler to the pan. I replaced the hose while I was at it. I have new spark plugs ready to go. I think I'm ready to try to start it.

Any advice on things I should do (or not do) prior to trying to turn it over for the first time?