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 Posted: 07-22-2005 08:30 pm
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Changing the belt, the short version as I know it from my simple car, which isn't as complex as some models with smog pumps etc.
1) Get beer and buddy. Drink beer. Talk to buddy.
2) Drain radiator. Remove upper and lower radiator bolts, remove radiator, hoses and fan from water pump pulley.
3) Remove the timing cover shroud. Cuss about the tiny bolts and cheap lock nuts.
4) Take timing cover, put into your right hand, go to your back yard, and throw it as far as you can.  Remove studs the cover was mounting on, vowing to never put that plastic POS back on there.  From now own you'll take it like a man and lose a finger if you stick in it in the cam gear while the engine is running.
5) Drink. Talk to buddy.
6) Use a wrench to turn the engine over to TDC. Make sure timing pulley marks are aligned.  If they are not aligned, turn it over once more to the other TDC.
7) Untension the alternator and remove the alternator/water pump drive belt.
8) Drink. Talk to buddy.
9) Use pulley puller to pull front crank pulley.
10) Using two wrenches on the tensioner bolt/assembly, release tension on the cam drive belt. Remove belt whilst not disturbing the cam gear positioning.  Do not disturb the distributor/oil pump gear positioning, but you'll have to re time the motor anyhow.
11) Drink. Evaluate chances of getting done with the job in time to please The Minister of Domestic Affairs (i.e., Wife).
12) Inspect all driven gears for problems - chipped teeth, missing teeth, rocks in cracks that might cause problems later, etc.
13) Put new belt on, trying it different ways until you get the slack in the right place - right where the tensioner is so that it can be taken out.
14) Tighten tensioner. Tighten it enough so that you can just twist the belt 45 degrees. Once you are sure everything is good, timing is good, marks are all aligned, then turn the engine though a couple of revolutions and re-check timing and tension.  Make sure all is good, if not, repeat.
15) Drink. Talk to buddy.
16) Now, re-install all the stuff you took off and you'll be good to go. If you have a leaking front seal on your motor, now is the time to replace it.