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 Posted: 07-22-2005 08:05 pm
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Ok, I'm starting to consider changing the timing belt. I bought the car a few weeks ago and have no idea when it was last changed. I screwed up the head on my 325BMW a few years ago (bent valves) when the belt broke. Now, I'm paranoid. Belts are a lot cheaper than heads. . .

I can't seem to find any good info on changing the belt. Even my 'manual' doesn't seem to give a very good idea of how to change it - except for telling me how to tension it properly. I searched this forum and there doesn't seem to be any info.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

And - any recommendations on a tool to check the belt tension?

I'll post elsewhere about my carburation travails when I decide to tackle that. I posted before - i think I'm running way rich but should probably check timing, plugs, etc before I jump into friggin around with the carbs.