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 Posted: 02-11-2012 01:10 am
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It sounds like the fiberglass fenders will be the way to go. I would try hanging the pieces temporarily and see how everything looks. That will help you visualize what's going on.

The Mk1  surround is about 3" longer on the outside and has a square corner toward the back. This fits with the fender.

The Mk2 surround doesn't have the longer side and has a rounded corner. If the surround lifts up on the outside it's a Mk 1. If it lays pretty flat it's a Mk 2.

As long at the surround and fender fit together you are good. If you have one of each you will be able to tell pretty easily that they do not match. On the car I'm restoring, a 74, someone previously had an incident and replaced the fender with a Mk1 fender. And then used a lot of bondo to try and make it look good. They didn't succeed. I replaced it with a Mk 2, rounded corner, fender.

As for the hood I can see going either way. It depends on how often you think you will be raising the hood to get to the engine compartment. Having it off completely to work is nice. But how easy will it be if it's just you. Does the metal hood have the dreaded crease by the hood support? If not you're lucky. It's a pain to fix that.