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 Posted: 02-10-2012 01:03 pm
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Hi Art

You are correct. I have a bunch of parts, none of which are installed.

I seem to have acquired all the parts from both this car ( originally red) and a donor car ( sort of a green color )

Hood #1 is Fiberglass, red, 4 mounting holes with round plates that pins would go through and held on by locking clips on top. No hinge mounting plates. I'm guessing from the color this was on the original car. Hood would need to be lifted off the car to access the engine compartment.

Hood # 2 is metal, green, and appears to be in pretty good shape. Again, from the color, I think this would have come from the donor car.

Fiberglass fender #1 is the same green color, probably from the donor car, and appears in good shape.

Fiberglass fender #2 is a gray primer color, looks like it has never been painted or installed.

Metal fenders: I seem to have 4, all of the 2-piece variety, all red, and all of which have severe rust damage.

Headlight surrounds. I have 3 pairs, 2 pairs red, 1 pair unpainted and look new. All look the same.

Based on what I have, I think the fiberglass fenders are my best bet moving forward, but I haven't yet tried them out to see if they fit. As to the hood, unless I do some kind of modifications, it looks like the options are the fiberglass one that I would have to lift off the car every time, or the metal one that would open in the conventional way.

I have checked into it, and both the original car and the donor car are early '73 Mk 1 's. As to the newer parts, I'm afraid I have no way of knowing, other than by comparison to the older used parts.

What should I be looking for as the difference between Mk1 and MK2 fenders ??