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 Posted: 02-10-2012 12:23 am
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Just for my own clarafication when you say there is no body on the front you have all the pieces, metal fenders and hood, plus the fiberglass fenders and hood. Just that nothing is installed at the moment.

You say you have a Mark I. Are the fiberglass fenders for a Mark I or are they for a Mark 2 car? Not the same thing and depending on what you have you may have more work to do. The headlight surrounds and fenders are different between the two types.

The fiberglass hood can be strengthen if needed. Does it have what looks like mounting plates for the hinges?

Another thing to consider, if you decide to undertake this project, is what pieces get discarded, which get replaced or made in fiberglass, and what stays metal. While there have been advances in bonding fiberglass and metal, they flex differently and they heat differently. Where they bond together there is the possibility of cracks.

It's an interesting idea but does it pass the time and money test? Says the guy whose idea for his modification originally did but now is not so sure it was a good idea. Nothing is impossible, it just takes longer and costs more money.