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 Posted: 01-29-2012 10:02 pm
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I replaced the front pads on my 74' and took it for a spin but theree was a terrible pulsing action and then it felt like they locked up.

I got it back in the garage ok so everything seemed fine but when I put the car up on stands the fronts looks good as expected. I thought one of the pads may have come loose fron the backing or something but everything looked good and turned free up front.

Then I lifted up the rear of the car and found the LR wheel was locked up.

The right wheel turned free and fine so I left it on the car.

The drum was locked onto the wheel but it came off after 15 min or so of tapping around the back of the drum.

The axle spins free so the wheel cylinder must be stuck is the only thing I can think of.

I lifted the lever of the adjuster and made sure it moved back but the shoes didn't budge. (drum will still not fit on)

In putting on the new shoes I made the mistake of splitting the LF caliper beforehand so I had to bleed the brakes. I didn't bleed the rear as I thought since it would be unaffected by the fronts.

Could air cause the wheel cylinder to lock up like that? I thought it would make it mushy but not lock in the engaged position.

Shoes appear to be in great shape as well as the interior of the drum. PO must have had it done in the past couple of years. No rust but plenty of cobwebs.