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 Posted: 01-09-2012 04:39 am
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My J.H. has not been on the road since the autumn of 2010 when it started backfiring repeatedly, so I parked it for the winter.  I couldn't decide if it was the HPV-1 distribuuterless ignition system or the carbs which I had never rebuilt.    The spring of 2011 I decided to go with rebuilding  the carbs thinking they were dumping gas into the exhaust sys. & when it reached  the rear muffler ignited & blew the muffler apart.    Ordered the parts I needed from Delta , that is everything except the diaphram for the vacuum switch that is next to the rear carb that Jim said was no longer available.    Did the carb rebuild following Mark Rosenbaum 4 part article w/ the exception of the vacuum switch, & of course the diaphram was bad, so I tried to fix the spllit next to the brass disk w/ rubber cement.   Another thing I noticed was the gasket that went between the face of the carb intake & the back of the mounting plate for the "Longflo" air cleaners  I had ordered from Delta sometime ago did not match the various ports in the carb mt'g. flange. After another conversation w/ Jim I found out I had been sent the the wrongh air cleaners, ( maybe this was why it was dumping gas into the exhast sys. ? ) so I used the gasket as a pattern to drill the holes in the mounting plate.    After I started the engine & did my best to tune & balance carbs ( that was without air cleaners in place, was I wrong in doing it that way? ) it would idle okay but when I would take it for a test drive it would die & not start again. after  letting it set for a day it started again, took it for another drive & it did the same thing again but this time refused to start again.    So after I posted a comment on the club message brd. 11-16-11 Super Moderator suggested checking the fuses & 3 , 5 way connectors in the engine bay & under the dash.   So just recently I did that & I found the 5 way connector under the dash had been seperated, I put it together & it started.

 So after all this info here is my problem now.  When I turn the key off the ignition llight would come on & stay on & the would continue  to run, like it was dieseling, until it ran all the gas out  of the supply line then it would die.   I not recall if the ignitilon came on like that before, & what is causing it to run on ???