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 Posted: 01-08-2012 08:00 pm
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My other cars over the years?

1971 Dodge Charger. Chrysler products are known for front end parts wearing quickly and this car supported that. No kidding. 318 2bbl, 9 mpg no matter how I drove it.

1978 280Z. Cool and quick. I really liked that car. Gave it to an ex GF to get rid of her, sometimes I still miss that car (but I don't miss her ;-) ).

1971 Porsche 914 1.7. Handled like it was on rails because it was so slow. I think I could outrun it on foot.

1983 VW Rabbit GTi. Fun car but not at all reliable, it has the dubious distinction of being the only car I owned that actively tried to kill me.

1976 Plymouth Arrow. Nice little car, reliable etc. but sort of boring. It would be nice to have a Fire Arrow now, though.

1972 Ford Courier pickup. Nearly indestructible and man I tried. Boring because it was so reliable.

1978 Ford Fiesta. Baby poop brown, I bought it cheap with the idea of flipping it and wound up loving it. Great little car! Quick, handled well, reliable, all around fun. Good car to own when your other one is British. It got totaled from behind by a Buick Park Avenue.

Three different Pintos, 1971, 1972 and 1974. I bought them because they were cheap and reliable. All 3 had the 2.0 German motor, the 1971 was surprisingly quick. 115MPH was easily achieved. The '72 was an autotragic and the '74 was smogged to within an inch of its life, thus were not as quick.

1982 Mazda RX7 GS. Raucous and fun! I quickly learned to love rotaries. Followed that up with a '79 that I gutted and turned into an SCCA IT car.

1991 Isuzu Amigo XS. 2.6 with 5 speed and 4 wheel drive. Slow as molasses in February but it had 31 x 10/15 tires, a big brush guard, a light bar with two huge Bosch driving lights, it was some kind of fun! Sold it because it just wouldn't tow anything.

1992 Jeep Cherokee. Sold the Amigo to buy this turd. I detested it. The inside buzzed like cicadas on a cold morning, it would tow 5000 pounds until you had to stop the 3rd time, at which point the brakes were useless. It also wandered, you had to constantly 'chase' the steering. It was impossible to relax on the Interstate. I spent about $1500.00 on all kinds of things trying to fix that and got rid of it when none of that worked.

1994 Isuzu Rodeo V6 2wd. Great rig! It would tow 5k pounds and the brakes would actually stop it. I used this one to bring the Jensen Healey home. I really liked the thing, I sold it only because I found a great deal on my current daily driver, a 1997 Isuzu Trooper.

The Trooper is probably the best transportation appliance I have ever owned. Every time I think it might be time to get something newer... nah. It does everything I ask and has never let me down.

I have owned a vast number of motorcycles, probably over 100, starting with a 1965ish minibike, then a 1969 Honda Mini Trail 50, progressing through various dirt bikes that culminated in a Yamaha WR400. That thing was scary; 44 HP at 9500 RPM, it weighed ~265 pounds or so. I loved it! Right now I have a 1980 Yamaha XS650 that I turned into a street tracker and I have recently gotten the itch for a dualsport. A buddy has a titled/plated KTM 525 for sale that's looking mighty fine...