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 Posted: 12-05-2011 04:51 pm
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Well, the "Rheostat" is not a rheostat at all. It is a printed circuity board with numerous fingers or wipers that always goes bad. If you ever take one apart, you will see why the man who invented must have gone went stark raving mad.  If you can find in a junkyard a Jaguar XJ or XJS series from the 80's or parhaps early 90's you will find a true rheostat for their dimmer and if you can get it out of there, it is a direct drop in for the JH. The knob comes off just like the one in the JH and you can use the Jag knob or your origianl knob.  I do a small modification on mine and I think I wrote it up somewhere...but it works great, especially if you are using the bright lamps from Delta.  Jaguar gets 273 US dollars for one...which s an outrage for a $5 unit and the junk yards usually get a couple of dollars for one...Glad I don't own a Jag..I'm not wealthyenough to be able to buy parts as needed!!!

If you want to read what I wrote about the Jag rheostat contact me off this group.

I also had an article on the bright bulbs printed a few years ago in the UK Jensen owners Club publication.  I can send you a copy of the article off this group as well if you are interested.


On the OP light...inasmuch as the gauges are impossible to see at night anyway with he original bulbs, the OP green light was, I am sure, installed so you could at least see that gauge. lighting is hard to see at night. Find a red one from a junked MG and it works much, much better.