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 Posted: 12-05-2011 04:19 pm
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I think you fellows are confused.  The two green lamps in the gauge cluster are for right and left turn signals.  The blue one in the center is the high beam light.   The little green one in the oil pressure light portion is so you can see the meter at night. All of the gauges are under lighted (is there such a word?) and mostly impossible to see at night.  You can buy some bulbs from Delta that really are bright and replace the bulbe in the insturments and actually be able to see them at night.  Really!  The ones in there are useless at night.  Trust me on that...also you shouild bypass the brightness unit that usually does not work anyway.  Keep the instruments on bright..even with the new bulbs suggested, that is if you want to be able to see them at night.  There is a  bulb in the console lighting that is red when the engine is not running and goes out when the engine starts. It is not an oil pressure indicator, but is wired into the alternator circuit.  Engine not running>light on.  Engine running>light off.    And that green light that shines on the oil gauge is even hard to see at night...if you can find a red one from an MG in a junk yard, use it...the red shining on the oil pressure gauge is much easier to see than the green one....