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 Posted: 12-04-2011 03:54 am
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Frank Schwartz


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Hmmm...looks like you go tyour work cut out for you...I strongly suggest that you find a copy of the Jensen Healey parts book.  Every part is shown and part numbers referenced as well.  This will go a long way in helping you put things back together.  You really need this book...hard to work on the car without it.

As for the instrument cluster, it has a 3/8 or so post stciking out the back that goes into a spring clip sort of gadget on the dash, to hold it in place. use a bit of vaseline or white grease on it when installing it as it usually rusts and is hell to get out when it does. There are two mounting holes, at about 2 oclock on the right side instrument cluster housing that uses a long thin screw that goes into a plate fixed to the inside of the dash...same on the left side at about 10 oclock up inside the left side instrument mount.

As for the finishing cord...not available.  My daughter, a Jensenite can sew up one for you with some serious groveling, as she did for me...and I glue it on with some special (readialy available) glue...the original was attached with ten thousand staples...and with age it cracked and came apart...  She makes enough to do the clusster and on the bottom of the dash, too, if yours has it.