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 Posted: 12-03-2011 09:00 pm
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An S10 rear can be used, but when I built my rotary powered J-H from a retired SCCA IT car I found that a Mazda RX2/808/Mizer/GLC/RX3 rear axle is within 1" of the J-H axle. So I used a Mazda RX2 rear axle with a RX7 limited slip and also the RX7 rear disc brakes. You'd have to either fabricate upper brackets to use the two stock J-H arms or, as in my case, go with a 3 link setup with a Panhard rod. It's good to around 300 HP and is a good bit lighter than the S10 piece, plus it has a good aftermarket.

The 180 HP rotary has been fun, but I'm now leaning more and more toward V8 torque for hillclimbs. I keep looking hard at the Toyota 1UZFE quad overhead cam V8 from the Lexus LS400. Tough as nails (it is derived from a Toyota F1 project engine), cheap because the salvage yards despair of selling them, manual transmission conversions available, lighter than a comparable Big 3 cast iron lump (or even an LS1), much more powerful than a Rover V8.

And before anyone calls me a butcher, my other J-H is a restored JH5 with the 907 which I adore. :-) One of these days I will get a GT to restore as well.


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