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 Posted: 12-01-2011 12:58 pm
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Hi everybody

I just acquired my first JH ( 1973 MK1). In fact, this is my first British sports car.

It is the basket case from Bradford Ontario that Stephen Szikora mentioned in his message of 10/11. I was looking for a winter project that would ultimately lead to something that no one else in the local car clubs has.(I am located in Eastern Ontario, near Cornwall )

My other car ( not counting daily drivers) is a '77 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham 2-door coupe, so as you can see, I'm going pretty much from one extreme to the other.( 5 feet shorter, 3000lbs lighter, and 70% of the horsepower)

As Stephen mentioned, it looks like the restoration process on this car began in 1982, and was never completed. If I understand the paper trail correctly, it changed hands at least 3 times since.

Anyway, its current state is : Framework, brakes, suspension, engine & transmission (supposedly) redone & installed. Rear fenders , trunklid and both doors installed.

Came with both a fiberglass and a metal hood ( not installed ), ditto for front fenders. Both metal bumpers are present as well.

Interior is completely gutted, although I seem to have 2 of most things needed to rebuild it. A few NOS parts, but it looks like mostly parts salvaged from a few donor cars. I'm still trying to identify what some of these parts are, and if they even belong to this car. ( I suspect that the golf-club covers and Weed-Whacker parts that I found in one of the many boxes of parts were optional accessories.... but I digress)

 Found the Delta website and a couple of copies of their old catalog, which has helped. Otherwise, it is sort of like a jigsaw puzzle with some duplicated and some missing peices, and no picture.

So I guess my first question ( of I'm sure many more to come) is:  Is there a publication available that shows how this car goes together ?

Thanks !

Scott Mackay