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 Posted: 11-16-2011 05:16 pm
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Jensen Healey

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Hi Rob, Check for 12 volts at the fuses. I think the top two are hot with the key on.

All the power comes from the brown wires at the battery junction in the starter motor area. They are all hot all the time. Remove the + battery cable, clean the contacts and pinch as needed for a tight fit. Retest.

If still no power, find the 3 way connector in the engine bay wiring loom and open it for cleaning. Retest. Then go to the 5 way connector behind the ignition switch. Test the brown wire for 12v.

Every connection is suspect, just ask Mitch! Last weekend we went around testing and cleaning and came all the way back to the brown wire connections battery junction. He had the same symptoms you're having but had 3 issues at the same time, intermittant feed through the ignition switch, bad alternator, and the bad connection.

Good luck, Kurt