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 Posted: 11-15-2011 11:09 pm
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subwoofer wrote: Idle taking off when warm sounds like a vacuum leak. There are loads of vacuum lines on the Strombergs, I think most of them can be plugged.

Or you could get some proper carbs on there...

Poor ol' Strombergs get no respect! I'm kind of on a budget so I'm stuck with 'em for now.

I'll check for vacuum leaks first. The car has the Pertronix ignition and so the vacuum hose that was connected to the spark advance on the distributor is gone. Not sure where it came from on the other end but if it didn't get plugged when they installed the Pertronix that could be a possibility.

If I don't find any vacuum leaks I guess I'll check the mixture next. I can often start the car cold (air temp around 60 deg.) w/o even pulling out the choke which makes me think it may be running rich.