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 Posted: 07-21-2005 04:10 am
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Gary Martin JH 15371


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Working on repairing some minor rust on JH 15371. The car is really in pretty good shape rust wise. Floor boards seem fine. Only exterior signs of rust are at lower edge of wings (fenders both front and rear). This is minor as it is only surface rust. But in starting work inside the trunk, as soon as I removed the trunk lip seal to my dismay I found that the lip was pretty much gone in some places. I would say 95% is still OK, but there are sections where and inch or two are pretty eaten away. I have glass beaded all this and the trunk floor to remove rust.

I would like some advice as to the best way to repair the trunk lip. I was thinking of using some fiberglass to rebuild the lip in the damaged places, or possibly liquid metal. I could fabricate some metal strips and tack weld them some how but this seems somewhat more difficult. Has anyone delt with this particular problem and have recomendations on how best to proceed ? 

Thanks, Gary