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 Posted: 07-21-2005 03:52 am
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Gary Martin JH 15371


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I'm still working on old 15371. I have the gas tank out of the trunk and I'm in prosess of fixing a little rust in the trunk. Near the fuel pump I notice a small wiring harness running up behind the left trunk hinge and over to the center of the panel between trunk and pasenger compartment. The wires lead to a black plastic connector that is located just ahead of where the gas filler neck would be. The connector passes through the bulkhead and appears as a flush electical outlet of some sort on the panel behind the seats. This has me totally mystified as what the heck it could be for. Does anyone know ? Is this some sort of option ? It looks factory. The power was hooked to the electrical fuel pump so would only have power when the fuel pump had power. I'm curious if anyone else has this thing.

Thanks, Gary