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 Posted: 11-02-2011 11:41 pm
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t4brew wrote: Jenvey has a set of DCOE throttle bodies:

Lotusbits sells a kit that includes the Jenvey throttle bodies and engine management

I am looking into using a throttle body, manifold, fuel rail and engine management
system from a Lotus Esprit S4S on my 912 engine.  The same engine management
system was also used on the GM Quad 4 2.3 L engine and I plan to use a chip from a
Quad 4 W41 engine as a starting point.  The Quad 4 also used the same sensors as the
S4S so parts are easy to get (other than the throttle body, fuel rail and manifold).


GAH! that is over $3000USD for that kit. I don't think I have any more than $700 - $800 in my setup. VASTLY cheaper and I bet works just as well. Three weekends ago I drove my Jensen-Healey with the EFI setup to Las Vegas Nevada and back from Phoenix Arizona. I went there for the national Lotus Owners Gathering. This is a 5 - 6 hour trip each way and the car performed flawlessly except for a tire vibration issue on the way back home. The engine however ran just fine and was quite lively with very reasonable temperatures as well.