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 Posted: 10-27-2011 04:39 pm
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Well, as long as the Colorado JH owners are coming out of the closet, I guess I will too:

I am up in Longmont.  As of a couple of weeks ago, I now own two:

I acquired my '74 [VIN: 16675; Engine S/N: B74-05-7-271], a little over a year ago and dragged it back from Pasadena, CA.  I knew the vehicle even in the 1980s because I knew the guy who owned it when I was in college.  I even helped him build the lean-to in which it was stored for many years.  He offered it to me, gratis, in about 2000, because he realized he would never get around to it and was getting his roadster fix off of his new Miata.  Ten years after offering it to me, I took him up on it and went and collected it.

Mine is Malaga blue, but the paint is in poor condition and both front fenders need work.  It has an Allison electronic ignition and dual Webers.  It has about 107K miles on it, but the engine had been overhauled shortly before it was stored and is mostly in great mechanical shape.  Covered storage in southern CA no doubt helped.

It had not been fired up in about 20 years, and so I took my time -- took a couple of weeks, actually -- before I was willing to chance it.  I had it fired up about a year ago, and have been driving it and fixing it, slowly.

I have now succeeded to the ownership of what appears to be a "mystery" JH5 -- S/N: 20155, with the extra plumbing, viscous clutch on fan, etc., but not the traditional emblems.  Obviously, it is a five-speed.  This one was repainted canary yellow at some point.  It has Strombergs and, in addition to the originals, came with four Revolution wheels with Pirelli tires.  It barely runs -- fuel is leaking from the Strombergs -- from what I believe are the canister-system ports.  It also has sway bars and an electronic ignition.  I will toy with it a bit, as I hope to drive it at least once, but then will yank the engine to rebuild it as the less docile, Miata-killer engine for the '74.  Eventually I hope to restore the '75 as well.

So yes, if the Colorado contingency is planning anything, let me know!