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 Posted: 10-06-2011 05:13 am
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Mason Jones

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Hi Nick,
I grew up in Dallas and was just up there last weekend visiting my folks. Give me a holler next time you head up there. I live in Austin and make the trip to Dallas often and would love to see your car!
Your experience with the brake cable reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to post about. I recently replaced the flex lines with a set from Delta. They are the exact same length as what was on the car. But, when the wheel is turned hard to one side or the other the brake line gets pulled very tight. So much so I’ve been tempted to add a right-angle extender to one end of the line to give it a little slack. Or as you did just put a slightly longer line on there.
Here’s the left wheel straight:

And here it is turned hard left:

Anyone have an idea if this is normal? Seems like an extra inch would go a long way to extending the life of this hose.