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 Posted: 10-03-2011 12:43 am
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Good evening folks!

Well, this weekend was an adventure to say the least.

Currently, I live in Houston Texas but I am a longtime Dallas resident. My Jensen lives in Dallas for the time being as I don't have a garage down here. So Friday night I loaded up the dog and headed to Dallas. Early Saturday morning I was so excited to take the J-H to the local cars and coffee that I was at the shop at 6:00 with the car. All fluids checked out fine and she fired right up!

I ran it up and down the street a few times and all was well.

About 10 miles away I was coming up on a light that was changing to red.......I pressed in on the pedal and we started to slow and the WHAM! Pedal to the floor, no brakes!

Since it was so early there was no traffic so I was able to run the light. I decided the best plan was to limp back to the shop. That was not fun at all!

Back at the shop I found the right front brake line was leaking and had coated that area in fluid. I turned the wheel to full lock to gain a better view and son of a !!!!! the line was kinked at 90 degrees and leaking from 2 spots.

I was lucky to find a custom hose shop and they made me up 2 new lines......a half inch longer. I installed them, bled the brakes and had a great rest of the day getting sunburned in the car. ;)

I noticed some other things that need to be addressed. I'll upload pics shortly.

In the meantime you can see the culprit brake line and pics of the car this weekend on my flickr:

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

*******note: sorry about putting this in the wrong forum, mods could you be so kind as to move it to the appropriate section please?*******

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