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 Posted: 09-24-2011 04:08 am
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I'm the new kid here but here you are.  I inherited a lovely JH-5 from my mom, who passed away in April.  The car was her pride and joy, and she kept everything absolutely stock.  I'm not sure where to find the engine number, will be happy to add that as soon as I find it, but it is the original Lotus 907 with the Strombergs.  Dad tried putting Webbers on it, but Mom didn't like how they sounded.  The car hasn't been run  in over a decade, but Dad did take the time to oil everything for storage, so prospects are good for revival as it was running when he stored it.

Manufacture date: 7/14/1975
Engine # *unknown at this time*
Blue with black interior, has hard top, soft top still at my dad's house
located in Antioch, CA

I have photos both from 1985, when my mom was still driving it, and current.  It is in need of TLC, which I intend to apply liberally in memory of my mom.  She would be happy to see her beloved Jensen back on the road.