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 Posted: 09-08-2011 05:56 am
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Mason Jones

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Almost a month later I finally got the rear brakes back together. So the car now has brand new calipers, master, rear cylinders and hoses. It feels like a new car. The pedal is good and stiff and the brakes don’t lock up. And with new shoes the parking brake works.

I had to replace one steel brake line--I rounded the nut trying to get it off then took a pair of tin snips to it to teach it a lesson. It was asking for it.

I discovered you can get replacements at Autozone. Their generic steel brake lines come in standard 3/8-24 thread which fits. I just had to buy a pipe union (also at Autozone) to attach one end to the flex line.

Here are the specs (20” line was perfect for the short line on the left rear):
PolyArmour PAB-320 3/16 x 20” pipe, bubble flare with 3/8-24 thread fitting on both ends. ($4.99)

AGS BLU-7C  3/16” pipe union, bubble flare with 3/8-24 thread. ($1.49) --The first one of these was deformed inside and would not seal. I could actually see that the hole inside was slightly off center. The replacement worked.