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 Posted: 08-24-2011 06:23 am
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Dakota123 wrote: Axle seal leak? That would explain why the cylinder doesn't seem to be leaking.


I ordered new cylinders and the wheel bearings thinking since I have it all apart I may as well.

I noticed in turning the rear hubs with the wheels and drums off that it feels very slightly bumpy. Not sure how to describe it exactly. Closest analogy I can think of is the volume knob of a stereo that has notches. The bumps are very slight and and very regular, hardly noticeable really. Both hubs feel exactly the same way which made me wonder if it was normal. They don't make any noise when I spin them and I never noticed anything while driving. When I wiggle them side to side or up and down there is no play.

So I ordered new bearings just to be on the safe side but I'm still curious if that's normal. I'm crossing fingers it's not something in the differential. I'll see what happens when I get the new bearings in.

Any tips on removing/installing the rear bearings are welcome. From what I've read elsewhere on the board it just takes a slide hammer.