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 Posted: 08-23-2011 10:24 pm
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Hello fellow Jensen Healey enthusiasts! I thought I'd post a little bit on our latest project over here at Lind Bros Racing. Several years ago, my dad and I restored our 74 Jensen Healey to as close to original specs as possible. No repaint, just a thorough cleaning and fix a few minor issues.

Recently, we came across a Jensen Healey with a Rover V8 under the hood and jumped at the opportunity for another project. There has been some pretty shoddy work done to it, including an aftermarket cruise control, which we have already removed.

The car has some paint issues as well and thus will be repainted black. However, since originality has been thrown out the window with the V8 under the bonnet, we have been tossing around some different ideas for some flare.

My dad's vote has been to do a racing stripe and possible a tribute to Lee Mueller in our team colors: black, with blue and white writing.

My grandiose vision has been to put some gold striping or outlines in a nod to the John Player Special Lotus teams. I know it's a Jensen Healey, but at least there would be some connection to Lotus in that case!

So what do y'all think? Any other suggestions? This will be our paddock car, so originality is not a necessity. In any case, we've got plenty of time until we reach that finishing touches phase. I will be posting progress on the website ( and will also try to put some up here as well.

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